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Build Your Own Luxury Villa Tenerife, Canary Islands.

Mairoscri Developments is the leading developer in the Canary Islands providing clients lucrative investments and luxury property.

We use next-generation building materials, systems, and practices combined with our expert team of Designers, Engineers, Architects, along with our Construction Team via our Sister company "Top Construction"

Mairoscri Developments & Top Construction has launched a new product "Solid System" enabling landowners and clients who desire to build their own custom made home the ability to do so. All Solid System materials are non-water absorbent, higher quality than a traditional block, quicker to assemble and easy to render, shortening construction times, reducing construction costs, increasing construction quality and finishings whilst allowing Architects larger scope to create iconic elegant designs increasing the value of Mairoscri built properties.

Usually when clients buy direct from a developer they save on real estate agent commissions, however, they are still paying the developer anywhere between 25% and 35% profit for the risk the developer took in financing and building the property.

When our "Build Your Own Villa" clients build their own properties by contracting us and utilising our Solid System process the client is essentially building a €1 million villa for approximately €700,000.

Below are some images and links to more information about this exciting product.

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